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Why Does My Senior at Home Need Personal Care?

November 19, 2019
Personal Care

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Aging is a natural process, and slowing down is normal. Things that once took no more than ten minutes might not get done in half an hour or more. For the senior at home, who was steam-rolling through the needs of the family, being forced to take it slow might seem frustrating and upsetting.

‘Ageing in place’ is a term that has found wide appeal among those working with senior citizens. Letting a senior age in familiar surroundings, among memories they have long associated with, is crucial to their well-being. However, when they are not able to do their daily chores or are at risk of falling ill often, it is inevitably up to the family to ensure they are adequately supported or monitored as needed.

The task of being the primary caregiver usually falls upon the spouse or the child.

Unfortunately, when pressures of work and family creep in, it is only natural for the family caregiver to feel snowed under. This is inevitably when professional care is to be sought.

An in-home care worker is the best bet when it comes to taking care of the elderly at home. This allows them to enjoy their independence and yet stay cared for, keeping them happier and healthier, boosting their self-confidence as they age.

However, if you feel it’s too soon to hire a full-time care worker, you can choose external care support for a few hours a day. This will ensure that your elderly family member gets adequate support for activities of daily living (ADL), without losing their independence completely. The best practice while supporting an elderly person is to provide only adequate care so that they are encouraged to do what they can do on their own, and are offered assistance only where they need it. This ensures the retention of their functional abilities for a longer period of time.

Hiring a home care worker can be crucial while tending to age-related illnesses. Essential daily living needs like feeding, dressing, grooming, bathing, and functional mobility will be taken care of, making it easier for the family and the patient. As the years go on, the elderly risk hurting themselves or falling ill, and care at home, with the aide of a trained professional, decreases the chances of an infection or illness going unnoticed.

In-home care workers also provide some much-needed companionship to the person they are taking care of.

While the benefits of hiring an in-home care worker are many, the assurance that your senior is in the comfort of his/her own home, in an environment that offers the best care possible, is irreplaceable.