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Home Consultation by Doctors

When was the last time you had your doctor visit you or your loved ones at home?

Well, those who face the challenge of caring for someone confined to his / her bed due to illness or disability, a routine visit to the doctor’s can be daunting and real nightmare.

Getting the patient ready, seating him in a non-medical transport, travel through the heavy traffic and unsafe roads, waiting endlessly at the doctor’s OP and the travel back home are a torture for the patient and can worsen his/her condition. Quite often, these routine check ups exhaust the patient and the effect is felt for few days after the visit.

A similar situation exists for patients who are temporarily restrained on account of temporary disability, if they have to visit their doctor.

For non-emergency and non-critical situations, GuardianAngel HomeCare, arranges the service of a doctor at a pre-appointed date and time.

And if the trip to the hospital is unavoidable, GuardianAngel HomeCare can organize Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT), so that your loved one can have a comfortable and secure transport to ensure minimum discomfort.