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Maternal & Child Nursing

Trust that Never Fails!

A birth of a new relationship of bond & trust. Guardian Angel Maternal & Child Nursing is a specially designed care package for mothers and babies that goes beyond care to create a memorable journey of the auspicious and adventurous moments. We understand the emotional rides you embark on, from the first news of pregnancy to the first doctor’s visit, to the reaction of daddy to be, to the bump transformation, the first baby kick to the D-Day and the celebration that follows. The whole family is so concerned about care that they miss to live the moment. Guardian Angel Maternal & Child Nursing offers a way to not just provide top quality care for the Mother & Baby but also to live & enjoy the best phase of your life.

Types of Care

• Basic care – 2-hour care
• Extended care – 4-hour service
• Day care
• Night care
• Live-in care

An assessment will be done to decide the level of care and special needs. If the condition of the mother or baby requires special/medical care due to specific condition then care will be modified. A second level care will add skilled nursing support and a highly experienced and skilled caregiver.

Depending on the type of care the services will include all or a combination of the following-

• Specially trained caregiver
• Bathing and personal grooming for both mother & baby
• Feeding the baby & umbilical cord care
• Wound care
• Massage for mother & baby
• Hygiene maintenance of mother & baby’s bedroom & washroom
• Mother & baby’s cloth washing
• Post natal exercise support
• Health education
• Self-care plans

Prenatal Care

The service will include an experienced caregiver/nurse and a regimen that focuses mainly
on the maintenance of balanced diet in the mother, promote physical growth and nutrition
of the baby.

Add-on services

• Skilled nursing visits
• Home consultation by Doctor
• Medi-Taxi for hospital visit
• Dietitian
• Counseling
• Lactation consulting
• Physiotherapy
• Hospital by-standing

All long-term services availed are eligible for complimentary service that are listed in add-on services.

Live the moment
Do you spend too much time worrying about making the most of each moment that we actually forget to live in the moment. Then ‘Live the moment’ is the perfect gift from Guardian Angel for new parents, and a wonderful treasure to store ocean of memories (Only for long term services)
Why Guardian Angel Care ?
• Our compassionate Caregivers are medically trained in antenatal and postnatal care
• Services backed by highly skilled and experienced nurses and doctors
• Our caregivers are trained and adept at giving Ayurvedic massages for mother – a double delight for you
• Our care gives you the freedom to choose with flexi packages including Ayurveda
• All our caregivers are background verified with PCC giving your family much needed peace of mind
• Get complimentary services on all our long-term services
• We help you create your maternity story for you to relive for a lifetime

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