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Choosing Your Caregiver

October 25, 2019
Choosing Your Caregiver

Making decisions is easy for most of us. From picking out what to wear to what to cook for dinner or what movie to watch, we make choices without much deliberation every day.

However, when one we are is faced with the task of identifying an external caregiver for a loved one, the decision isn’t that easy. There are many aspects of skill, attitude, trustworthiness, responsibility, and accountability that we have to tackle, which can leave us puzzled and clueless.

Seeking the help of a professional organization engaged in home healthcare could help you make that decision quickly. More and more people now recognize the benefits of hiring trained caregivers and nurses to help with the elderly or those with special needs. This allows the elderly relative to continue to live in the comfort and safety of their own homes as well as gives families peace of mind.

How do you choose the in-home caregiver most suited for you?

1. Know your needs: It is important to take stock of what you expect a caregiver to do for you and the person who needs the help. Do you need nursing care as well as non-medical personal care like bathing? Do you need the support of the caregiver or nurse on a 24×7 basis or just a few hours a day.? Prepare a detailed job description to make the process easier when you contact an organization or agency for help.

2. Involve all stakeholders: First of all, make sure the recipient of the care is also comfortable with having someone other than family take care of his/her daily needs. Get everyone in the family on board, with regard to seeking external help. An in-home caregiver will be a fairly permanent fixture in your home

3. Identify a caregiving organization or an individual caregiver: Word of mouth references are probably the best bet. If that doesn’t help, search online and read reviews. Identify a few organizations that you wish to contact and evaluate. Talk to them and based on that chat decide which ones to visit and seek their appointment.

4. Hire thoughtfully: The sensibilities and needs of each family member are different. Meet the agency and take stock of how they plan to undertake their responsibilities. Have a one-to-one chat with the people behind the organization to gauge their commitment. This interaction also helps in reaching out to these people if something goes wrong after engaging with the agency. At the end of the day, you are looking for someone who is reliable and dependable. Do check the references cited or talk to someone who has had someone in the agency’s care.

5. Keep an eye out: Even if caregivers come with the best of references and experiences, how things work out on a daily basis is unpredictable. If it does not work for you, do not hesitate to ask for a change. After all, it is the comfort of the person receiving care that is paramount.